Monday, March 9, 2009

Finally a new post!

Okay, so I admit I've been a naughty kitty...

It has been way too long since my last post...

It's just that winter in Minnesota is so long and cold and it makes a kitty just want to sleep right through until summer!

It is starting to get warmer out though and I have been able to spend some time playing out in the yard with my best friend Koko the pit bull...

Mommy took me and Koko to the vet clinic last week for our yearly check ups...and boy was that ever scary...

I've decided I don't ever want to go there again, wonder if I can convince my Mommy to never take me there again? Probably not.

They pretend to be all nice and friendly at the vet clinic, then as soon as you feel safe, the poke you with a needle or take your temperature... I don't know about you, but you would think they could find a more dignified and less invasive way to take a kitty's temperature...

The shots they gave me at the vet's office made me very sick for two whole days...My Mommy was very worried and scared...

I just felt very yucky and sore.

The vet told Mommy that she had to put Koko on a diet...
because she's a fatty... I though that was pretty funny...
now I'm not sure I like Koko on a diet...she's extra crabby without all those treats...

I sure hope she never gets hungry enough to wonder what Maine Coon Cat tastes like!

Mostly, I've been spending my days trying not to get too bored from being stuck in the house all the time...I found this fun new game where I attack Daddy's braid while he is napping on the's a really funny game.

My Mommy has also bought me some really fun new toys that I like a lot...

You other cats out there should see if your Mommy's will buy you some of these cool toys,
I highly reccomend them.

these are very funny and fun to play with!

these are by far my favorite toys !

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

See How Big I am!

My mommy took a couple of new photos of me today!

That's my big brother Dustin holding me, he's 21 years old and lives with his wife and my favorite niece Aaliyah.

I am 40 inches long now from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail, and I weigh 16 pounds.

I'm only 18 months old, so I'm still a growing boy!

Maine Coon cats are the largest breed of domestic cat, the longest cat in the world according to Guinness Book of Records is a main Coon named Leo.

To See Leo click HERE

Someday I hope to be as big as Leo!

To see more about me "Mr. Kitty Wompuss"

check out my other blog HERE

If you're considering getting a Maine Coon cat like me or just want to learn more about this breed of Gentle Giants

Click Here!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kitty Wompuss Needs Your Vote!

Hi Everyone!

My Squidoo lens is in the best "fresh squid" contest, so I need everone to visit and vote for!

You have to be a member of Squidoo to vote...but who wouldn't want to be a member, squidoo is the purrrrfect place to make cool mini blogs, meet new people, make new friend and have fun, fun

Anyway, you don't have to be a squid to visit my lens so follow this link to check me out on my squidoo lens:

Kitty Wompuss on Squidoo!

And if you're already a squidooer...

Vote for Kitty Wompuss!

Thanks for voting

Peace out....KW

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventures of Mr. Kitty Wompuss

Kitty Wompuss Squidoos!

OMG!... I am just having so much fun!

I discovered this great new place to talk about me! Me! ME!

It's called squidoo and I now have my own lens there with my story and lots of photos of Me!


Check it out:

my mommy has some other lenses about like cooking and some other stuff, but who cares about all that, I like the one about meeeeeeeow!

Okay so more about me... I am just so sick of this yucky cold winter stuff! OMG! it has been below zero almost every day here for 2 weeks now and on the few days when it's not below zero, it's FREAKING SNOWING!

I am just so tierd of being stuck in the house every single day... Mommy plays with me... but it's just not the same as playing outside, chasing bunnies and birdies and mice oh my!

Though I have caught a mouse almost every day since this cold snap started. Seems those mousies don't like the cold either, they try to sneak into my house to get warm and then WHAM!

I get them!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello, my name is Kitty Wompuss and I'm a Maine Coon cat!


My name is Kitty Wompuss and I am a Maine Coon cat living in Minnesota. Right now I am 17 months old. I am 40 inches long from nose to tail and weigh 16 pounds, but mommy says I'm still a growing boy.

My mommy got me from the feral stray rescue people. I don't remember where I was born or anything, but when I was about 3 month old it got snowy and cold outside and I tried to get into an apartment building to warm up.

Some big people found me and took me to a foster home where there were 5 other cats. I was still little then and the other cats were mean to me so I don't like cats very much. I didn't have to stay there very long though because my mommy came there one day and took me home with her.

My home is in the Highland Park area of St. Paul Minnesota. I live in a house now with my mommy and daddy and a big cuddly pit bull named Koko. When mommy first brought me home I was scared of Koko, she thought I was a squirrel and chased me around and I thought she was going to eat me, but she didn't and now we are best friends. Pit bulls are way nicer than those mean cats at the foster home were.

This is me with Koko when I was still very little. Koko is 12 years old, so she sleeps a lot. She likes to sleep almost as much as I do.

I really like my home, especially in the summer when I can go outside and chase bunnies and chipmunks and nap in the garden.

I like to sleep outside on hot days, especially in the catnip patch.

I'm a very good hunter, and I keep all the bunnies out of our yard and out of mommy's garden.

In the summer I'm always happy and busy, but now it's winter in Minnesota and Bbbrrrrrrrrr!

It was -16 below zero outside this morning and that's just not fun for anyone! Mommy says I have cabin fever. I'm not sure what that is but, I sure am sick and tired of being stuck inside this house all the time!

Me and Koko do find lots of games to play to pass the time.

I really like to hide behind furniture and stuff and then jump out and scare her when she walks by.

Then she chases me all over the house like she's a puppy again, and mommy and daddy laugh at us.

It's fun to have a dog!

Thank You for visiting my blog.